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ContinuousReadSupport is the <> of the DataSourceV2 for <> with a <> for Continuous Stream Processing.

[[contract]][[createContinuousReader]] ContinuousReadSupport defines a single createContinuousReader method to create a <>.

[source, java]

ContinuousReader createContinuousReader( Optional schema, String checkpointLocation, DataSourceOptions options)

createContinuousReader is used when:

[[implementations]] .ContinuousReadSupports [cols="30,70",options="header",width="100%"] |=== | ContinuousReadSupport | Description

| ContinuousMemoryStream | [[ContinuousMemoryStream]] Data source provider for memory format

| KafkaSourceProvider | [[KafkaSourceProvider]] Data source provider for kafka format

| <> | [[RateStreamProvider]] Data source provider for rate format

| <> | [[TextSocketSourceProvider]] Data source provider for socket format