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LocalDirsFeatureStep is a KubernetesFeatureConfigStep.

Creating Instance

LocalDirsFeatureStep takes the following to be created:

  • KubernetesConf
  • Default Local Directory (default: /var/data/spark-[randomUUID])

LocalDirsFeatureStep is created when:


LocalDirsFeatureStep uses spark.kubernetes.local.dirs.tmpfs configuration property when configuring a pod.

Configuring Pod

  pod: SparkPod): SparkPod

configurePod is part of the KubernetesFeatureConfigStep abstraction.

configurePod finds mount paths of the volume mounts with spark-local-dir- prefix name of the input SparkPod (localDirs).

If there are no local directory mount paths, configurePod...FIXME

configurePod adds the local directory volumes to a new pod specification (there could be none).

configurePod defines SPARK_LOCAL_DIRS environment variable as a comma-separated local directories and adds the local directory volume mounts to a new container specification (there could be none).

In the end, configurePod creates a new SparkPod with the new pod and container.

Last update: 2021-02-01