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KubernetesVolumeUtils utility is used to parseVolumesWithPrefix.


  sparkConf: SparkConf,
  prefix: String): Seq[KubernetesVolumeSpec]

parseVolumesWithPrefix creates KubernetesVolumeSpecs based on the configuration properties (in the given SparkConf) with the prefix.

parseVolumesWithPrefix requests the SparkConf to get all properties with the given prefix.

parseVolumesWithPrefix extracts volume types and names (from the keys of the properties) and for every pair creates a KubernetesVolumeSpec with the following:

  • volumeName
  • mountPath based on [volumeType].[volumeName].mount.path key (in the properties)
  • mountSubPath based on [volumeType].[volumeName].mount.subPath key (in the properties) if available or defaults to an empty path
  • mountReadOnly based on [volumeType].[volumeName].mount.readOnly key (in the properties) if available or false
  • volumeConf with a KubernetesVolumeSpecificConf based on the properties and the volumeType and volumeName of the volume

parseVolumesWithPrefix is used when:


  properties: Map[String, String]): Set[(String, String)]

getVolumeTypesAndNames extracts volume types and names.

getVolumeTypesAndNames splits the keys (in the given properties key-value collection) by . to volume type and name pairs.


  options: Map[String, String],
  volumeType: String,
  volumeName: String): KubernetesVolumeSpecificConf

parseVolumeSpecificConf extracts volume configuration given the volume type and name.

parseVolumeSpecificConf creates a KubernetesVolumeSpecificConf based on the given volumeType.

parseVolumeSpecificConf throws an IllegalArgumentException for unsupported volumeType:

Kubernetes Volume type `[volumeType]` is not supported
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