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KubernetesVolumeSpec is a Kubernetes volume specification:

KubernetesVolumeSpec is part of KubernetesConf abstraction.

KubernetesVolumeSpec is created using KubernetesVolumeUtils utility.


KubernetesVolumeSpecificConf complements KubernetesVolumeSpec with a volume type-specific configuration.

KubernetesVolumeSpecificConf is created using KubernetesVolumeUtils utility.

Sealed Trait

KubernetesVolumeSpecificConf is a Scala sealed trait which means that all of the implementations are in the same compilation unit (a single file).


  • Optional medium
  • Optional sizeLimit


  • hostPath (based on hostPath.[volumeName].options.path configuration property)

KubernetesHostPathVolumeConf is used when:

  • MountVolumesFeatureStep is requested to constructVolumes (that creates a hostPath volume for the given hostPath volume source path and an empty type)


  • path
  • server


KubernetesPVCVolumeConf is a KubernetesVolumeSpecificConf with the following:

  • claimName
  • Optional storageClass (default: undefined)
  • Optional size (default: undefined)

KubernetesPVCVolumeConf is created (using KubernetesVolumeUtils utility) based on configuration properties with persistentVolumeClaim volume type prefix.

Attribute Configuration Property
claimName persistentVolumeClaim.[volumeName].options.claimName
storageClass persistentVolumeClaim.[volumeName].options.storageClass
size persistentVolumeClaim.[volumeName].options.sizeLimit

KubernetesPVCVolumeConf is used when:

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