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KubernetesExecutorBuilder is used to build a pod spec of executors (when ExecutorPodsAllocator is requested to handle executor pods snapshots and finds executors to be requested from Kubernetes).

KubernetesExecutorBuilder, KubernetesClusterManager and ExecutorPodsAllocator

Creating Instance

KubernetesExecutorBuilder takes no arguments to be created (and could really be a Scala utility object).

KubernetesExecutorBuilder is created when:

Building Pod Spec for Executors

  conf: KubernetesExecutorConf,
  secMgr: SecurityManager,
  client: KubernetesClient): SparkPod

When defined, buildFromFeatures loads the pod spec from the pod template file (based on the spark.kubernetes.executor.podTemplateFile and spark.kubernetes.executor.podTemplateContainerName configuration properties). Otherwise, buildFromFeatures starts from an initial empty pod specification.

In the end, buildFromFeatures configures the executor pod specification through a series of the feature steps:

buildFromFeatures is used when:

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