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CatalogStorageFormat -- Storage Specification of Table or Partition

:java-version: 8 :java-api:{java-version}/docs/api

[[creating-instance]] CatalogStorageFormat is the storage specification of a partition or a table, i.e. the metadata that includes the following:

  • [[locationUri]] Location URI (as a Java {java-api}/java/net/URI.html[URI])
  • [[inputFormat]] Input format
  • [[outputFormat]] Output format
  • [[serde]] SerDe
  • [[compressed]] compressed flag
  • [[properties]] Properties (as Map[String, String])

CatalogStorageFormat is <> when:

  • HiveClientImpl is requested for metadata of a hive/[table] or hive/[table partition]

  • SparkSqlAstBuilder is requested to parse Hive-specific[CREATE TABLE] or[INSERT OVERWRITE DIRECTORY] SQL statements

[[toString]] CatalogStorageFormat uses the following text representation (i.e. toString)...FIXME

=== [[toLinkedHashMap]] Converting Storage Specification to LinkedHashMap -- toLinkedHashMap Method

[source, scala]

toLinkedHashMap: mutable.LinkedHashMap[String, String]


toLinkedHashMap is used when:

  • CatalogStorageFormat is requested for a <>

  • CatalogTablePartition is requested for[toLinkedHashMap]

  • CatalogTable is requested for toLinkedHashMap

  • DescribeTableCommand is requested to[run]

Last update: 2020-11-07