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HashedRelationBroadcastMode is a BroadcastMode that BroadcastHashJoinExec uses for the[required output distribution of child operators].

[[creating-instance]] [[key]] HashedRelationBroadcastMode takes build-side join keys (as expressions/[Catalyst expressions]) when created.

[[canonicalized]] HashedRelationBroadcastMode gives a copy of itself with <> canonicalized when requested for a canonicalized version.

=== [[transform]] transform Method

[source, scala]

transform(rows: Array[InternalRow]): HashedRelation // <1> transform( rows: Iterator[InternalRow], sizeHint: Option[Long]): HashedRelation

<1> Uses the other transform with the size of rows as sizeHint


transform is part of theBroadcastMode abstraction.

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