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UnsafeProjection is a Projection function that encodes InternalRows as UnsafeRows.

UnsafeProjection: InternalRow =[apply]=> UnsafeRow


Spark SQL uses UnsafeProjection factory object to <> concrete adhoc UnsafeProjection instances.

The base UnsafeProjection has no concrete named implementations and <> factory methods delegate all calls to GenerateUnsafeProjection.generate in the end.

=== [[create]] Creating UnsafeProjection -- create Factory Method

[source, scala]

create(schema: StructType): UnsafeProjection // <1> create(fields: Array[DataType]): UnsafeProjection // <2> create(expr: Expression): UnsafeProjection // <3> create(exprs: Seq[Expression], inputSchema: Seq[Attribute]): UnsafeProjection // <4> create(exprs: Seq[Expression]): UnsafeProjection // <5> create( exprs: Seq[Expression], inputSchema: Seq[Attribute], subexpressionEliminationEnabled: Boolean): UnsafeProjection

<1> create takes the DataTypes from schema and calls the 2nd create <2> create creates a BoundReference per field in fields and calls the 5th create <3> create calls the 5th create <4> create calls the 5th create <5> The main create that does the heavy work

create transforms all <> expressions to CreateNamedStructUnsafe in every BoundReference in the input exprs.

In the end, create requests GenerateUnsafeProjection to generate a UnsafeProjection.

NOTE: A variant of create takes subexpressionEliminationEnabled flag (that usually is[subexpressionEliminationEnabled] flag of SparkPlan).

Last update: 2020-11-16