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CodeGeneratorWithInterpretedFallback is the <> of <> that can create objects for <> and <> evaluation paths.

[[contract]] .CodeGeneratorWithInterpretedFallback Contract [cols="1m,2",options="header",width="100%"] |=== | Method | Description

| createCodeGeneratedObject a| [[createCodeGeneratedObject]]

[source, scala]

createCodeGeneratedObject(in: IN): OUT

Used when...FIXME

| createInterpretedObject a| [[createInterpretedObject]]

[source, scala]

createInterpretedObject(in: IN): OUT

Used when...FIXME |===

[[extensions]] NOTE: UnsafeProjection is the one and only known implementation of the <> in Apache Spark.

[[IN]][[OUT]] [NOTE] ==== CodeGeneratorWithInterpretedFallback is a Scala type constructor (aka generic type) that accepts two types referred as IN and OUT.

[source, scala]

abstract class CodeGeneratorWithInterpretedFallback[IN, OUT]


=== [[createObject]] createObject Method

[source, scala]

createObject(in: IN): OUT


NOTE: createObject is used exclusively when UnsafeProjection is requested to <>.

Last update: 2020-11-15