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Coalesce Expression

Coalesce is a[Catalyst expression] to represent[coalesce] standard function or SQL's[coalesce] function in structured queries.

[[creating-instance]] [[children]] When created, Coalesce takes[Catalyst expressions] (as the children).

[source, scala]

import org.apache.spark.sql.catalyst.expressions.Coalesce

// Use Catalyst DSL import org.apache.spark.sql.catalyst.dsl.expressions._

import org.apache.spark.sql.functions.lit val coalesceExpr = Coalesce(children = Seq(lit(null).expr % 1, lit(null).expr, 1d)) scala> println(coalesceExpr.numberedTreeString) 00 coalesce((null % 1), null, 1.0) 01 :- (null % 1) 02 : :- null 03 : +- 1 04 :- null 05 +- 1.0

CAUTION: FIXME Describe FunctionArgumentConversion and Coalesce

Spark Optimizer uses[NullPropagation] logical optimization to remove null literals (in the <> expressions). That could result in a static evaluation that gives null value if all <> expressions are null literals.

[source, scala]

// FIXME // Demo Coalesce with nulls only // Demo Coalesce with null and non-null expressions that are optimized to one expression (in NullPropagation) // Demo Coalesce with non-null expressions after NullPropagation optimization

Coalesce is also <> when:

  • Analyzer is requested to commonNaturalJoinProcessing for FullOuter join type

  • RewriteDistinctAggregates logical optimization is requested to rewrite

  • ExtractEquiJoinKeys Scala extractor is requested to[destructure a logical plan]

  • ColumnStat is requested to[statExprs]

  • IfNull expression is created

  • Nvl expression is created

  • Whenever Cast expression is used in Catalyst expressions (e.g. Average, Sum)

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