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ShuffleQueryStageExec Leaf Physical Operator

ShuffleQueryStageExec is a QueryStageExec with ShuffleExchangeExec or ReusedExchangeExec child operators.

Creating Instance

ShuffleQueryStageExec takes the following to be created:

ShuffleQueryStageExec is created when:


  newStageId: Int,
  newOutput: Seq[Attribute]): QueryStageExec

newReuseInstance is...FIXME

newReuseInstance is part of the QueryStageExec abstraction.


mapStats: Option[MapOutputStatistics]

mapStats takes a MapOutputStatistics from the resultOption.

mapStats throws an AssertionError when the resultOption is not available:

assertion failed: ShuffleQueryStageExec should already be ready

mapStats is used when:

Last update: 2021-05-17
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