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CatalystSerde Helper Object

CatalystSerde is a Scala object that consists of three utility methods:

. <> to create a new logical plan with the input logical plan wrapped inside[DeserializeToObject] logical operator. . <> . <>

CatalystSerde and belongs to org.apache.spark.sql.catalyst.plans.logical package.

=== [[deserialize]] Creating Logical Plan with DeserializeToObject Logical Operator for Logical Plan -- deserialize Method

[source, scala]

deserializeT : Encoder: DeserializeToObject

deserialize creates a[DeserializeToObject logical operator] for the input child[logical plan].

Internally, deserialize creates a UnresolvedDeserializer for the deserializer for the type T first and passes it on to a DeserializeToObject with a AttributeReference (being the result of <>).

=== [[serialize]] serialize Method

[source, scala]

serializeT : Encoder: SerializeFromObject

=== [[generateObjAttr]] generateObjAttr Method

[source, scala]

generateObjAttr[T : Encoder]: Attribute

Last update: 2021-03-18