Apache Kafka™
and Kafka Streams
Workshop 2 Days

@jaceklaskowski / StackOverflow / GitHub / LinkedIn
The "Internals" Books: Apache KafkaKafka Streams

"The Internals Of" Online Books:

  1. Quite a few at https://books.japila.pl/

Jacek is active on StackOverflow
(Apache Kafka Streams)


Be prepared to get the most out of the workshop

Prerequisities / Experience

  1. Some familiarity with messaging systems
  2. Experience with shell / command line

Prerequisities / To Be Installed

In-Class Preparations

Make Instructor's Life Slightly Easier. Thanks!

Introduce Yourself

  1. First name
  2. What's your experience with Kafka?
  3. Any production experience with Kafka?
  4. What do you expect from the workshop?